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Troubleshooting:64-bit Windows cannot register FM20.DLL Error

64-bit Windows cannot register FM20.DLL

When trying to run applications under Office 2010 on a 64-bit Windows computer, receive the error message
Windows 64 Bit Class not registered.
Looking for object with CLSID:AC9F2F90-E877-11CE-9F68-00AA00574A4F
Research indicates that this is caused by FM20.DLL not being registered and I have confirmed that FM20.DLL is in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and the date and file size of it are the same as those on my 32Bit machine where everything works OK.
When regserv32 is run from an Adminstrator: Command Prompt, the response is:
The module "fm29.dll" failed to load.
Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debut it to check for problems with the binary or dependent .DLL files.
The specified module could not be found
This is the response no matter whether I run regsvr32 from the SysWOW64 folder or if I run it from C:\ and include the path to the fm20.dll
Does anyone have any ideas about how to overcome this problem.
Thanks in advance.

Keys to the Problem 64-bit Windows cannot register FM20.DLL

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Office 2010 Professional Plus loaded on both machines.

On my Win 32 machine FM20.dll is found in :

FM20.DLL   C:\Windows\Installer\$PatchCache$\Managed\00004119110000000000000000F01FEC\14.0.4763   1.15 MB   2/20/2010 5:20 PM     2/20/2010 5:20 PM     Application extension    

FM20.DLL   C:\Windows\System32                                                                    1.15 MB   10/20/2010 12:44 PM   10/20/2010 12:44 PM   Application extension    

However on the 64 bit machine it is only found in the Top location.

Have you checked in the MSDN forums for ideas? Visual forums?

Hope this helps.
Rob Brown -
Microsoft MVP <- profile - Windows Expert - Consumer : Bicycle <- Mark Twain said it right.

Thanks, Rob.
However, in my case, it was not a matter of the FM20.DLL being missing as it was located in the c:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder, which is where it is supposed to be on a 64-bit Windows Installation. 
The issue was that the regsvr32 utility was reporting that it could not be found.
I also had the same issued on a 32-bit machine, but was able to get around it there by using System Restore to restore the machine to an earlier restore point. 
In both cases, the issue originated with the removal of some (presently under NDA) software and on the 64-bit machine, which was only 10 days old, there was not much in the way of restore points and restoring to the earliest one did not solve the issue.
Believe me, I have looked all over for a solution to the problem of:
Windows 64 Bit Class not registered.
Looking for object with CLSID:AC9F2F90-E877-11CE-9F68-00AA00574A4F
and they all point to using regsvr32 run from an administrator prompt in the SysWOW64 folder to register FM20.DLL
I found nothing about Regsvr32 not being able to find the dll that is where it is supposed to be looking for it when it is obviously there.
As a result, I resigned myself to re-installing the operating system from the recovery disk supplied with the computer (Samsung 7 Slate) as using the repair facility on that disk did not overcome the problem either.  Alas, the recovery disk did not include
any of the drivers so I was faced with a machine with 640 x 480 screen resolution and no wireless connection.  If it was the only computer I had, I would have been really screwed, but having other means of accessing the Samsung website, I was able to obtain
all of the necessary drivers and utilities so half a day later, I have it back where it was 10 days ago.

  • Go to the Start button.
  • In the Search box, type "cmd" (without quotes) and press Enter.
  • At the command prompt, type "chkdsk /r /f" (without quotes) and press Enter.
  • Restart your computer.

Recommended Method to Fix the Problem: 64-bit Windows cannot register FM20.DLL:

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