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Troubleshoot:data macro? Error

data macro?

I am building a database for use in a law office.
Our practice covers a number of venues and we see a few thousand cases per year.
Two of those venues (jurisdictions) use the same format for their case numbers and quite frequently we see different cases
in these venues using the same case number.

Ideally I would like the case number to be indexed no duplicates for obvious reasons as human error is a factor when data entry is concerned.
However, these two venues create a problem with that.
Is there a macro solution to overcome this issue? Or, can
the index be linked to the venue field as well as the case number field with an "if / then" statement?
Also, is it possible to get an input mask or validation rule to change based on the value of another field? Example; Each venue has a different format for their case number (the above situation being the exception) but some people get lazy and don't follow
the format to the "T".
I need to require people to input the data properly each time.  And if they don't, I need to send a small electrical charge to the seat of their desk chair...

Anwsers to the Problem data macro?

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I do NOT recommend using multi-field primary keys. Especially in this case.
I would use an Autonumber as your primary key.
And then do an After Update check for duplicates. 

If NOT IsNull(DLookup("[CaseNumber]","tblCases","[CaseNumber] = '" & Me.txtCaseNumber & "'") Then
    If MsgBox("Duplicate Case Number, do you want to accept?",vbYesNo) = vbNo Then
        Me.txtCaseNumber = Null
    End If
End If

This would require that you not set the index to no dups.

And yes you can alter the Input Mask.
Use Cevin's instructions for that.

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